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screen panel

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  Features of mineral flat screen :

  A Smooth B Glossy C No glitch D No visible spot

  This product is used for power plant equipment, coal, oil, chemicals, food and other aspects of water treatment, fine filter.

  The product will not affected by temperature, long life, safe, reliable, comprehensive and low cost.

  Complete product specifications, the user can order our product specifications , also we can do custom made according to special requirements of users.

  Wedge-shaped sieve get the widely attention as its new energy-efficient . Opening ratio by an average 40% higher than the sieve plate is the absolute advantage.Where a special wedge-shaped connection mechanically fixed over the wedge-shaped sieve overall strength significantly increased early resistance welding, and avoid blocking the burr linked to the phenomenon of welding fiber formation.It can achieve a more narrow slot easily,it’s the best choice in the paper industry.We can manufacture the most accurate and durable sculping best bar screen surface, can process at least 0.1mm or more materials .

  Its wire geometry is good, cutting sharp, strong cutting ability of the material, from good dielectric properties, not only ensure maximum efficiency, but also maximize the mesh to avoid clogging.

  As its excellent wear resistance and unique material processing technology, greatly reduce down times, reduce production costs and improve work efficiency. We can produce variety of screens, the user can choose according to their needs and the openings of different sizes and to meet their actual needs.Our screen surface has the highest screening efficiency, the strongest earthquake tensile strength, minimal maintenance requirements, the longest service life