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Machinery industry how to do?

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Machinery industry how to do?
A, product information described as fully as possible.Whether or other less popular industry, mechanical industry itself disadvantages we can not change, but we can put the details do better;Then a product information including: title, picture, price, parameters, such as details page, do more than five stars, if their products pictures, not a net figure put all right (oh) don't infringement, if the product is not much, can change the pattern to write the title and content, especially the details page, put their best products show every Angle or the internal structure, we in the industry without P figure perfect images like clothing, as long as your pictures are clear and can be in my eyes, I feel real good, mainly in addition it can be put in your details page on your company introduction, show the strength of the photos, the final product, you can also put some correlation will do some bonus points
Second, choose the right keywords ranking optimization.So just say the first article is based on the second;Whether product releases or other promotional, first you have to determine a goal for himself, I why and to try?What is the direction?Start planning the keywords you need to promote, general machinery industry, you can rest assured bold to pick some more hot word, because of less competition, less will be relatively easy to many, keywords are chosen, the shop around them to do!Such as new products, window, business staff analysis, hot style experiment, belt and so on.I do this store was began in March, mainly for ribbon machinery, automatic heading machine, my shoe, hand the competition strength is not big, also have advantages, but there are still several peers ranking did a good job, life is also high, in fact the life of the cutting has some influence to the customer, just like creditworthiness, plus they have two did pay promotion, instantly feel bad to do ah.But I later found out, they are all old, basic no one do, every day is always the same, so I want to say ah, everyone shops need to frequently update some content, otherwise will discard the ali!Is because of this I will have the opportunity, insist every day, seems to have the trust of the ali, plus the time period of support, promote ranked free I do go up, even if the industry is not hot, once the others to find this product, then the search will be is me.
Third, online clinch a deal the order is particularly important.This is the most important and most difficult, for the accessories of the problem, we can only sell machines a accessories not very expensive, by this time you should sent out their relatives and friends and old customers, use your three inches golden tongue to communicate, to give their first stores in order to make a foundation, and then leave a comment, don't be too false someone ChanGuo under such new customers see this product, it will surely in the above order;Oneself the home accessories is not popular, also can put a few others that related industries products on it.We are more than 200 home accessories, persuaded the customer in the above two single, behind new customers under the single, also went a few single level becomes 2 a, then don't try so hard, the store has a volume line, continue to do the promotion, will slowly climb up, then if there is an opportunity, a little big orders can also get online transactions
Four best do entire network marketing, mechanical industry.Upset just said to the second industry, so upset so we can't just sit back and wait for the customer, to actively, can register some B2B platform release product information, by weight, etc. To find a good website, not hair don't know, finding a fright, you will find that as long as your new product, the details of the detailed pages, they are likely to get the pay of this site promotion, it is not only for his own drainage, also help you;Next is the baidu knows, search ask, 360 q&a, major video sites, microblogging, WeChat, etc., you as long as everyone involved, is a chance to see by others
Five, paid promotion.So I recommend beginners to have certain basic pay to do again, otherwise will only lose money, paid promotion is played a role, so good effect is good, his own experience.