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Wedge strainer used in self-cleaning filters

2018-01-23 14:51:12   Hits:

1. Self-cleaning filtration equipment to adopt the patented internal mechanical structure to complete the true meaning of the high-pressure recoil brush function can be easily and completely eliminate filter interception of impurities, cleaning no dead ends, flux attenuation to ensure that the filtration efficiency and long Use life.
2. Self-cleaning filter with 304,316 L stainless steel wedge-shaped filter, high strength, high precision, corrosion resistance, maximum filtration up to 20 microns, long life, you can backwash. Leile company can customize a variety of non-standard size wedge filter, complete specifications, excellent quality!
3. Self-cleaning polyester filter through its own search and response capabilities to achieve active backwash, can respond to unstable water quality shaken, without human intervention.
4. Self-cleaning filter less wearing parts, no supplies, operation and protection of low, simple operation and management.
5. Self-cleaning filters run accurately, according to the different sources of water and filtration precision motorized backwash differential pressure time and time settings.
6. Self-cleaning filter In the backwash process, each (group) filter to stop the backwash operation; ensure that the filter is safe and efficient cleaning, and the rest of the filter is not affected, followed by filtration.
7. Self-cleaning filter with pneumatic drain valve, backwash lasted a short time, less backwash water consumption, environmental protection and economy.
8. Compact self-cleaning filter structure design, small footprint, the device moves flexible. Self-cleaning filters These ancestors of the technical philosophy, we have for our water pollution and other issues have stepped up efforts to ease the sewage pollution of the river; from the source to cure the dirt.